Electric Cycles or E-cycle is on one of the most famous and important invention of the 21stcentury because it totally help change what we viewed the cycles. It a success because it is easier to manufacture when compared to  e-motorcycles., e cars.  E-cycles has helped commuters to have easier access and cut down the carbon foot prints.

Major cities have installed e-cycles in every streets making  it easier for the citizens to have better transportation enabling them to take shortcuts, narrow lanes.

The benefits of using e-cycle

E-cycles are designed in such way that can be used to travelled hundreds of kilometres in a single charge. Usually a single charge cost about 8 to 9 $ so when it comes to saving money it is very helpful because it can save you a whole lot of money. Modern e-bicycles are faster than traditional cycles and you can expect about 15 mph’s. If you are a fitness freak you can utilize it because some of the e-cycles has pedals attached to it and you can activate the manual mode for that. Riding cycles can help you to lose weight , control your stress factors too.

E-cycles are cheaper when it compared to other modes of  transportation  , a decent  bike can cost about 1000$ that includes all the parts of like   tyres, tubes, chains and brake pads. You don’t have to pay for any registration, license etc. The maintenance cost is relatively less when you camper it with cars, motorcycles etc. The cost for recharging battery cost no more than that 10$ as once charge can last provide 100 km. So if you travel shorter distances it could last up to  a week and help to us yoir funds in other areas.

When you travel to a new city you can carry  your e-cycle  with you as most of the cities in USA, Europe have welcomed the idea of allowing e-cycles to be part of the city’s ecosystem.

Conclusion :

E-cycle are the future of the transportation as it doesn’t pollute the environment and the raw materials for manufacturing is easily available. And people don’t have to huge sums to own it. We recommend you to try it and join hands in saving the environment.